July Stimulus Payments – Which States Are Sending Money?

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In an ongoing effort to combat poverty and economic instability, many American cities are rolling out stimulus payments to support their residents. With various programs in place, these payments aim to provide financial relief to those in need.

If you’re a resident of one of the following states, you could benefit from these upcoming stimulus payments.


Alaska’s stimulus payments are managed through the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC). This fund, built from royalties from the state’s oil and gas industries, has grown to approximately $80 billion as of May 31, 2024. Alaskan residents receive annual dividends from this fund as a form of stimulus payment.

To qualify, residents must prove their residency, not be incarcerated or sentenced for misdemeanors, and not be absent from the state for more than 180 days. For 2023, the dividend amount is $1,312. If your application status is “Eligible-Not Paid” by July 10, 2024, you can expect your payment by July 18, 2024.


Fresno County in California is launching a Guaranteed Basic Income (GBI) program called “Advancing Fresno.” This initiative will provide $500 monthly for one year, totaling $6,000, to 150 households with children aged five or below. Applications closed on May 15, 2024, and recipients will be selected through a lottery system, with notifications sent via mail, phone, and text. Payments are set to begin in the summer of 2024.


Ann Arbor, Michigan, in collaboration with the University of Michigan’s Poverty Solutions, is introducing a GBI pilot program. This initiative will offer $530 monthly for 24 months, amounting to $12,720, to 100 low- and moderate-income entrepreneurs. This includes gig workers, home-based businesses, and local service providers. This program aims to support and stabilize the financial situations of these small business owners.

New York

In Rochester, New York, a GBI program will disburse $500 monthly for 12 months to 351 individuals. Unlike other programs, there are no restrictions on how recipients can use the funds. Applications closed on June 29, 2024, and applicants should stay tuned for notifications via phone or email regarding their status.

These programs highlight the diverse approaches taken by different states to provide financial support to their residents. Whether through annual dividends from state funds or targeted GBI programs, these payments are a crucial tool in the fight against poverty and economic instability.

Stimulus payments not only help individuals but also boost local economies by increasing spending and financial stability within communities. By knowing and participating in these programs, residents can significantly benefit from the financial aid provided.

stimulus payments are vital in supporting residents and stabilizing local economies. Whether you live in Alaska, California, Michigan, or New York, staying informed about these programs and their application processes can help you secure the financial assistance you need. These initiatives demonstrate a commitment to helping individuals and families navigate economic challenges, ultimately fostering stronger, more resilient communities.


Who is eligible for Alaska’s stimulus payments?

Alaskan residents meeting residency and legal requirements.

When will Fresno County’s payments start?

Summer of 2024.

How much does Ann Arbor’s program pay monthly?

$530 per month.

Are Rochester’s payments restricted in use?

No, beneficiaries can use them freely.

What is the total benefit of Fresno’s GBI program?

$6,000 over one year.

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