Health Advisory Committee

As per the directives of the Central Zoo Authority, one Health Advisory Committee has been constituted. The Director, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services, West Bengal has issued a letter, vide ref. 1106/1(9)/5M-85/2005(Pt.-2), dtd. 07.03.2018. The following Officers are the members of the Health Advisory Committee.

Vide ref. 1106/1(9)/5M-85/2005(Pt.-2), dtd. 07.03.2018

Joint Director, ARD IAH & VB (R & T) Belgachia, Kolkata-37 Chairman
Dr. Joyjit Mitra, Specialist (Sero-Epidemiology) RDDL (ER), IAH & VB, Belgachia, Kolkata-37 Member
Dr. Debasish Chatterjee, Asst. Director, ARD(Vety) (Disease Investigation), IAH & VB, Belgachia, Kolkata-37 Member
Dr. Proloy Mandal, Asst. Director, ARD (Vety), IAH & VB Belgachia, Kolkata-37 Member